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Yoga is a way of reconnecting with the Divine current via the breath and asanas (yoga postures). Traditional yoga is designed to restore and increase the life-force energy of the gross vital form, enlivening, regenerating and quickening our journey toward the goal of enlightenment. This Collection is intended to align us to the true spirit of yoga.

The Yoga Collection includes

1 Disc:  Three Finger Duomo Fire in the Central Channel

3 Wands: Hatha Yoga Wizard, Kriya Yoga Wizard, Blue Pearl Current


Three Finger Duomo Fire in the Central Channel

Duomo fire is the vital heat of the gross vital form, the fire in the navel centre.  The three finger is referring to the thickness of the subtle flame extending from the base of the spine going up through the top of the head and then down the frontal line.  The spine being the conductivity of vital energy.  If we allow this conductivity we can intensify our vital energy.  So, using electricity as an analogy – instead of operating on 20 watts, we begin to operate on 20,000 watts.

It is a practice of conductivity of the life force to call up the duomo fire and maintain our body heat.  There are true stories of monks being able to tolerate very low temperatures, where they have gone out into the snow with a wet sheet over them and they are able to dry the sheet and maintain their body heat.  This is an art and such an extreme circumstance is not expected to be practiced, but it is a demonstration of the fire of transformation initiated in the central channel via a yogic practice.

This energy is also in the form of a wand.


Hatha Yoga Wizard

Hatha Yoga in its many modern variations is the style that many people associate with the word ‘yoga’ today.  The Sanskrit word for ‘hatha’ means force, and this term has been referred to as the natural harmony of opposing energies; the sun and the moon, the right and the left sides of the body, exhaling (expansive) and inhaling (centering).

Engaging Hatha Yoga is a series of asanas or physical exercises and controlled breathing said to encourage flexibility, conductivity and suppleness of the body and mind.

Hatha yoga is usually engaged to purify, balance and regenerate the functions of the body-mind and in due course to align to the spirit current.

This Wizard Wand can be held or placed beside you during a yoga routine; it is designed to intensify our feeling and receptivity to the yogic current.


Kriya Yoga Wizard

Kriya Yoga has been described as the ancient yoga system revived in modern times.  It consists of a number of levels of Pranayama or creative control techniques involving the  breath.  The purpose is to accelerate the evolutionary development of a person (“the quickening”) and to engender a profound state of tranquility and God-communion.  The upward and downward around the six spinal chakra centres; these correspond to  the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man.  It is said that to take the ordinary subhuman individual to the ‘human’ could take a million years of evolution.  A Kriya Yogi suggests that such development properly employing the disciplines can take place within one single lifetime or perhaps most intensely employed within a few short years.  The Kriya Yoga Wizard moves to awaken the ‘human’ possibility and beyond.


Blue Pearl Current

The ultimate experience held within Siddha Yoga is to attain the Blue Pearl Experience.  It is the highest point relative to the life-force of the body.  Energetically, this wand is using that moment of whole body transcendence into the blissful current as a tool that can be directed toward whatever area one requires and thus be touched with the bliss of Only God.

“The Blue Pearl is divine in its nature and has sublime significance.  The Blue Pearl is extremely tiny when it is first perceived, but though it appears to be tiny, it contains the entire cosmos.  It sparkles and shimmers and is extremely beautiful.” – Swami Muktananda.

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