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Astrology can be a useful tool to begin to understand the mechanisms and tendencies that move us as individuals. Within the pattern of the stars is held the blueprint of our psyche, or what we perfectly identified with at the time of our birth. The Alchymeic Intention held in this Collection is to dissolve all levels of fixity or limitation revealed in the patterns of astrological influence upon us. Thus, as we are released of these particular qualities, so too are we lifted beyond the karma of our ‘born destiny’.

The Western Astrology Collection includes:

Discs: 12 discs for all the zodiac signs


Astrology Wizard
Solar System

10 Planetary Wands: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto


Astrology Wizard

The Astrology Wizard refers to the influence of the planets and constellations upon an individual.  Astrology reveals a map of the influence of the cosmos upon any given individual based on the unique circumstance of their birth.  The purest form of astrological practice, given in this Astrology Wizard wand, seeks to dissolve all destinies written in the stars.

This wand can also be found here.


Solar System

The energies of the Solar System account for most of the qualities of the body.  Using this Energy re-aligns us to all the many possibilities of the greater cosmic display of the body, this macro-extension.  This Energy breaks in upon the ‘atomic self’ restoring its connection to the vibrations of the immediate ‘cosmic self’.

Psychically it has been felt as an endless expansion of the being, while the rings of Saturn move through the creative centres of the ‘apparent’ body, deliciously rippling and soothing out to infinity.  It then draws the person out beyond their limited view and ‘enclosure’ into vast dimensions, thus reealing our illusion of extension and size of the universe.



Chrion (a planetoid discovered in 1977) represents the ‘wounded healer’, magnifying or forcing this energy to be felt as it transits through Aquaries — the dawn of the new age, the age of Enlightenment.  Its energetics is said to pin-point our deepest wounds, old patterns and structures that we resort to from previous adaptations.

This Alchymeic Energy is an invitation to release these old wounds, bringing transformation and purification.


The Sun

The Sun is the heart of our solar system; the life-force, heat and light.  In astrology the Sun is a symbol of our ‘centre’ or the solar-plexus chakra.  It is how our light manifests in the world and the way we affect those around us.  The location of the Sun in the horoscope is an indication of our power centre or focus;  where our creativity and light vibrates.  It also represents our body and our state of health.  Being a Yang vibration, the Sun can point to the influence of the father in our early life.


The Moon

The Moon is a mirror, a reflection of the Sun’s radiance.  It represents the memory and unconscious habits from the past.  Just as the moon goes through cycles of waxing and waning, in our astrology chart the Moon represents the emotions, feelings and the fluids in the body.  Its action is Yin in nature and points to the intuition, perceptions and the influence of the mother in our early life.  The moon is affected by the element it is in, thus, there are Air, Earth, Water and Fire Moon signs.



Being the closest planet to the sun and having the shortest orbit around it, Mercury represents short journeys and how we communicate our sun vibration.

It represents speech, thinking, and the rational mind; how we relate to others, and where our mental focus and interests lie.

Mercury goes retrogade three times in a year for approximately three weeks each time.  As seen from the earth, it appears to be travelling backwards, an illusion created by an elliptical orbit.  During this time, communication is challenging and difficult.  It can also be disruptive to travel plans.



As Aphrodite is the goddess of love, Venus in the astrology chart represents our love nature, how we express ourselves romantically, artistically, and what we take pleasure in doing and creating.  It reflects our attitude toweards money, personal possessions and creature comforts.  Venus in our chart gives us clues as to how we relate in close personal relationships, ie. how we give and receive love.



In Greek and Roman mythology Mars was the god of war.  As seen from earth it appears red, the colour of blood.  Mars reflects how we take action to achieve our sun essence or purpose.  It can represent anger and impulsive actions.  Some astrologers refer to Mars as the Id or libido, or how we express our sexuality and life-force.

Mars takes approximately two years to orbit the sun, and as it moves through the astrology chart it shows the areas of life where we will be moved to take action at that time, or where we will be most active.



Starting with the planet Jupiter and continuing out to Pluto, these planets take much longer to orbit the sun.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto represent the higher spiritual, less personal influences in our lives.

As Jupiter was the king of the gods, in our solar system Jupiter is the largest planet and exerts tremendous gravitational forces.  It takes twelve years to orbit the sun, and stands for our spiritual and religious beliefs, and how we expand them out into the world.  It also represents higher education such as university or spiritual and religious education.



Saturn represents responsibility, maturity and discipline.  It is the lesson planet, a teacher of our karmic lessons, and shows us where we need to grow, learn and mature.

Saturn takes 29 years to orbit the sun.  At its first return, at 29 years old, this is time of great growth, maturity and the psychological end of childhood.  Saturn is also the skeletal system, representing structure and rigidity.  Its sign position indicates where we can experience difficulties and limitations, and where we need to grow.  Saturn teaches us patience through time, hard work and application.



Uranus is the planet of awakening to higher spiritual values and can bring unexpected and sudden turns of events into one’s life.  Its purpose is to shake us from any rigidity of behaviour.  It shows us something new, so we can mature and awaken to higher values and purposes in life.  It helps us to break out of old karmic tendencies and structures, and at times its lightning-like influence can be upsetting to our comfort zones and accustomed behaviour.  Uranus also influences innovations in science and technology, ESP abilities and revelations.



Taking approximately 164 years to orbit the sun, Neptune spends about thirteen years in each sign.  Its influence is with mystical potential and higher spiritual forces.  It is connected with dreams, prophetic visions, premonitions and deeper intuitive insights.  It is also connected with illusions, deception, and all forms of escapism.



A year on Pluto takes 248 earth years, its influence being one of fundamental upheaval and transformations in human life and society.  Pluto is the planet of regeneration through catharsis, bringing healing by exposing our inner depths and that which has been repressed.  What is kept hidden within, can destroy us.  Pluto brings to light the dross, allowing regeneration to take place.

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