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The Energy Tools in this Collection support us in all aspects of exercise helping us to conduct the universal life-energy to all areas of the vital form.  Conscious breathing is the basis of vital exercise.

The Vital Exercise Collection includes:

3 Discs:  The Elephant and The Bright Rider, Mighty Atom, Popeye’s Spinach

3 Wands: Calisthenics Wizard, Extending the Ki, 3 Litres Clear


The Elephant and The Bright Rider

This Energy is given with two images; The Elephant representing the development of the vital – a symbol of strong hara force. The Bright Rider representing the adaptation to the frontal brain as conscious presence.  The relationship between the two creates conscious form.


Mighty Atom

Named after the famous Mighty Atom who as a child was weak and asthmatic.  The Mighty Atom trained himself until at age 30 he could pull buses with his hair and pull aeroplaines by projecting ‘Ki energy’.  Mighty Atom is about strengthening the energy of the Hara centre.  Liberating the flow of energy allows for greater conductivity.


Popeye’s Spinach

In the cartoon, spinach rapidly changes Popeye from a weakling to a strong man who is able to defeat his enemies.  “You too can be strong!  Eat your spinach kiddies!”

Everyone is seeking the magic thing to imbibe that suddenly transforms our condition; like Popeye’s Spinach, like the Magic Mushroom or some magical phrase like, “Shazzam!” But alas, we are probably required to do some hard work like a ‘workout’.


Calisthenics Wizard

Calisthenics is a technique of exercise that includes vigorous, repeated exercises designed to move ‘stagnant’ energy and enliven the gross-vital form.

This form of exercise is recommended in the morning in contrast to Yoga, which is better done at the end of the day.


Extending The Ki

The Mighty Atom was so named because he was approximately five feet four inches tall and weighed 140 pounds.  Clearly the feats that he performed could not have been executed through muscular strength alone.  He was able to bend nine by one inch diameter steel bars completely in a circle.  He was able to bite six-inch nails in half with his teeth.  He was able to drive a six-inch nail, holding it in his fingertips, through 30 sheets of corrugated iron.  He was able to break heavy chains off of his chest via the breath (chest expansion).  All of these remarkable and seemingly impossible feats of strength go beyond the mechanical possibility of muscles.

There is a forcefulness here that stands prior to the gross vital form, which enables us to connect with virtually unlimited levels of energy.  Strangely enough, despite the well-documented evidence of Mighty Atom’s capability, there seems to be little interest taken in these phenomena, and so it seems he was simply regarded as a quaint oddity.  The energy that he demonstrated is referred to in oriental circles as ‘Ki energy”.  It is through what the Mighty Atom refers to as the transcendence of ‘impossibility thinking’ that enables us to gain access to this fundamental energy.

These demonstrations of strength were not produced by some super human effort, but in some sense simply occurred effortlessly, although there appears to be some stress associated with the performance of these feats of strength.  Even so, the Mighty Atom was able to perform his best feats until he was at least 82 years old.  Individuals with capabities like the Mighty Atom are still to be found in various parts of the world today.

The Wand, Extending The Ki, puts us in touch with these capabilities, inviting the opening of energy and purification via the breath, encouraging the transcendence of impossibility thinking discovering what is effortlessness.


3 Litres Clear

It is said that bouncing on a rebounder has numerous benefits.  So if it does, pick up on some of them, you just might feel better!

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