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The Energy tools within the Transformation Collection have been created to heighten our intuitive awakening and the penetration of Real Consciousness.

The Transformation Collection includes:

3 Discs:  Eyeless in Gaza, Standing Upright At Last, Take Heed Submission to Grace Is the Only Way

3 Wands: Alchymie, The Angel Melchizedek, Real Observation


Eyeless in Gaza

Most of us are aware of the expression, “We are our own worst enemy.”  This suggests that we are divided within ourselves and at war with our best intentions.  We say we want to love, but remain negative and confused about what loving amounts to.  A street child was heard to say, “Yes, they say they really love you, but I think, if they really loved you they would make a difference to all these children who are homeless.”  Therefore there is a great gap between some spoken positivity and the the actual demonstration that would amount to transforming the disturbed condition.  This split in our being, that is the betrayal of the heart of truth, thwarts the progress of the unfolding of Truth in the world.  Apart from this self-sabotage, we are sabotaged endlessly by those immediately in association with us who simply do not understand and this division in ourselves creates a sympathetic opening for those who are our self-declared enemies.  This Energy reveals all of this betrayal of self and other and floods it with the spotlight of the Truth of us.

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