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The Bright Room


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Placed in any environment, The Bright Room is a vibratory radiance, creating real space beyond the stress and ‘busyness’ of our daily living. Its presence is a gift that pulses with Light, psychically and energetically purifying the space in which it is placed. It invites us to fall again into our intuitive knowing of the principle of existence far greater than that which we ordinarily allow ourselves to know. The Bright Room Energy House is also ideal for many different types of location, such as yoga studios, spas, retail and corporate spaces, helping to lift and support us in all situations.   You may also select additional vials to put on the Bright Room to suit your environment.

Additional vials to select from are as follows:

Angel ‘There’s A King of Hush All Over The World’  A current to inspire, uplift and transform our reactions and karmic tendencies.

Doggie In The window  Abundance

Eyeless In Gaza  Bringing Conscious Light into all levels of sabotage, betrayal and confusion.

Funnel Web Arr 185

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics  Transforms this disturbing intrusive effect upon our auric field.

Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic  Addresses the angular, hard, mechanical, unfeeling energy of the world

Home Sweet Home  Inviting heartfelt responses in our relationships to each other in the home.

Occupational Hazards  Responds to the unique demands often placed upon us in our work.

Plagued By Daemons  Relief for the unending frustration of being surrounded by endless blocks.

Snowflake Daemon Catcher  An intense psychic clearing designed to deal with negative ‘energetics’

The Politics of Experiencence  Inviting all to true levels of communication.

The Chones  Create a vast field of sacred geometry.

The Lights (North, South, East, West)  An interdimensional doorway, allowing a new level of awakening.

The Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)  Dissolution beyond the elements – releasing all karma at last.

The Winds (North, East, South West)  Bring change, fresh inspiration and the release of stagnant situations.

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