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The Energy tools in this Collection support us in our relationships with one another, allowing our relationships to stem from love, and inspiring one another an Awakening to Consciousness.

The Relationship Collection includes:

3 Discs: Don’t Sour The Honey, Mills And Boon, Yon Don’t Love Me

1 Wand: Polarisation


Don’t Sour the Honey

As ‘kisses sweeter than wine’ can be soured by abuse and neglect, so too can the honey sweetness of loving intimacy.  The Alchymeic intention of this Disc is to resotre us to ‘whole body sweetness’, by transforming the dispositions that ‘sour the honey’.


Mills and Boon

Many of us have spent countless days endlessly dreaming of the ‘perfect love’; hopeless romantics reading out love poetry from high branches, and serenading with violins, or perhaps looking out of our windows for that knight in shining armour, or the fabled prince.  The modern day version of this is depicted in ‘Pretty Woman’ and other such movies.  The Alchymeic intention of Mills and Boons is to help us see through the illusion of our dreaming, so that we may be lifted beyond seeking happiness in the ‘other’ and therefore begin to discover what is true relationship.


You Don’t Love Me

“You Don’t Love Me” is the cry of an individual who is always looking to see if they are Loved or not.  In living in such a disposition the world constantly proves the case by throwing up all the signs of apparent unlove.  The living circumstance can harldy ever appease such an oedipal response to life and so the given individual sinks ever lower.  The alchymeic intention of this energy is to awaken a person to what it is to Love and not be concerned at all whether or not they are Loved.



The essence of Polarisation is to help balance and restore our male and female energies to their true forms, by preserving and building the polarized energy between a couple whether there is sexual activity or otherwise.  We are polarised life-forms, but for the most part we function in a depolarised state in a depolarised world due to the excessive levels of stress present in almost everything we do.

This energy holds the intention to clear us of many aspects of our daily activity that come to depolarise us eg. stress, contraction of the brain-mind in the thinking frenzy etc… and frees up tension to allow a greater flow of energy.

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