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This Collection helps us to discover what beauty truly is. “That which is beautiful is that which is loved”.  Beauty is a discovery found in the Heart. Here you can find further transformative aspects of the power of love.

The Radiant Beauty Collection includes

3 Discs: Skin Deep, Thousand Ships, The Ugly Stick

1 Wand: Ultrasonic Beauty Wizard


Skin Deep

As the saying goes, “beauty is only skin deep”.  Living this life demonstrates the futility of being focused on what is merely pretty.  Prettiness will eventually fade and we will be left with the shell of what was.  We must be turned to what is truly Great and love that which lives the person, sacrificing what is merely pretty and turn to that which is eternal.  This is what is truly beautiful.


Thousand Ships

The legendary beauty of Helen of Troy and Aphrodite Goddess of Love inspire this Energy, inviting us to glow with Divine Radiance.  It inspires beautification, while transcending the temptation to be locked into mere fascination with the bodily form.


The Ugly Stick

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?”  Who hasn’t had days like this?  The hair won’t go right.  The face won’t go right.  The clothes won’t go right.  The Ugly stick addresses the terrible entrapment of self-loathing, moving us to locate equanimity and poise.  The penetration of self-image, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is a death into a new life.  Self-image is an act of separation from the ‘pattern of relations’ and it is about the survival of that one who is subject to the self-image.  With The Ugly Stick, that one dies and there is a rebirth into being a true participant bringing enjoyment to life.


Ultrasonic Beauty Wizard

The present day plethora of beauty shops that employ all manner of dubious techniques to restore lost attractiveness of the physical form, (including ultrasonic techniques which are for the most part applied to the surface of the body) is the source of inspiration for the Ultra Sonic Beauty Wizard.  This Wizard Wand however is about restoring ki energy in order to restore balance and beauty.  From the Ultra Sonic Beauty Wizard Wand, beauty is certainly more than skin deep.  Love is the essence of Beauty.

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