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Energetically, we are constantly affected by our environment and people around us. This Collection is Alchymeically intended to help us clear the psychic intrusion we encounter every day.

The Psychic Clearing Collection includes:

5 Discs:Don’t Fence Me In -Arranging 231, Lifestream – Arranging 186, Big Black Hole Soak, Arranging 185, Arranging 242

3 Wands:Maha, Psychic Field Stress, Invasion Wizard – Arranging 260



Dont Fence Me In – Arranging 231

The ‘usual’ person is hemmed in, unable and unwilling to step over the ‘line’.  We are for the most part constrained within one-dimensional and two-dimensional levels of existence.  Don’t Fence Me in energy is given to help clear us of all ‘other’ possession that keeps us feeling fenced in.


Lifestream – Arranging 186

This Energy brings a purification to the over intrusiveness of subtle realm programming that can be controlling, intrusive and distressing.  The forms of programming can appear through a myriad of daily environmental interactions, such as telivision, films, billboards, food, computers, phones etc.

This Energy is about bringing clarity, consciousness and freedom from the confining and common forms of manipulations that are like a fixed program that can appear to be just the way that it is, until the light shines through.


Big Black Hole Soak

Many things we come in contact with on a daily basis represent a great density.  In our psychic naivety, we can soak up this blackness like a sponge and this can obviously be quite debilitating.  We need to employ some way of purifying our form from this psychic accumulation.  This Energy is such a way of purification.


Arranging 185

There is no doubt that over the last few thousand years the continued investment in being less than Love has degraded this ‘place’ to what we find today.  Beyond what can be seen in the ordinary sense, when the Vision of God is not present, psychically this ‘place’ appears as a vast and poisonous spider web.  This energy moves to penetrate and dissolve the many forms of negative communication, providing auric-field protection, restoring us to the ‘bigger vision’.


Arranging 242

It’s possible through casual interaction to receive a ‘bolt’ of negative influence resulting from the anger from some person or persons, rendering us feeling quite ill or sending us into a coughing fit.

This Energy is referring to Black Magic both Formal and Informal.  People’s moods are the Informal, and we have to wade our way through them everyday, sometimes this can be quite crippling.  The Formal are these people who resort to structured curses driven by their anger.  Both are damaging to our psychic emotional structure.

With this Energy we are inviting a purification of negative influences, negative attention and projected thought forms from others.



There exists a field of energy around the body with many layers. Obstructed energies and conditions are a block to the flow of life force or life current. Maha is a life-positive Energy. Its Alchymeic intention is to transmute these negative conditions within the environment and people’s energetic fields, allowing life-positive energy.


Psychic Field Stress

This Energy moves to deal with the pressure and consequence of living in a world where those present are irresponsible at the level of their psychic body communication.  This Energy is given to support those who are truly beginning to become conscious at the level of whole body conductivity, so that we are able to move more freely in a world that is not yet supportive of the Radiant Light of Divine Communion.


Invasion Wizard – Arranging 260

The traditional approach to the removal of possessing spirits wherein certain substances and chants are used is called the Science of Exorcism. The Alchymeic intention of Invasion Wizard is employing all such rituals occurring within all traditions to clear all levels of possessions and more. There are many other intrusions that are not necessarily invading spirits, but are all manner of lower astral intrusions, such as concepts, extraneous energies left behind in environments, programming from all types of media, (eg. books, films, television, computers), and negative projection from others.

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