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 The Meditation Collection supports us in our practice of meditation, helping us to quieten our mind and feel a greater connection and communion with the Divine.

The Meditation Collection includes:

3 Discs:  In The Tiny Chamber of the Heart,  The Last Drop Flowers, Mahamudra Spider Elixir

3 Wands:  Om, Maha Mantra, Ring Around Reflection


In The Tiny Chamber of the Heart

This Energy helps us to rest in the tiny chamber of the Heart, in the heart of Love, beyond defenses, armouring and coping.  It helps us become available to feeling and trust, so that Love itself may be lived.

The Last Drop Flowers

The Last Drop of blood of the Sacrificial Lamb spills from the body.  The perfect yielded sacrifice is made – everything is given, not one ounce is held back, all is yielded for the sake of all.  The vision is seen of the Last Drop falling from the perfectly yielded form, sitting in the lotus position, dropping through the lower coil upon the Earth.  It begins to seed and grow, the roots take hold – Truth surges up through the bodily base into the flowering of the navel and solar plexus.  This Energy is for all who will partake in this Sacrifice, who will allow this great matter of Truth to enter this place through their whole body recognition and submission to Grace.  Truth will take hold here – we are the seeds that must awaken and allow this great flowering for the sake of all.

Mahamudra Spider

Seekers for ‘the path’ and ‘the truth’ often get lost in rituals and traditions.  This energy is intended to break the cycle and helps to awaken us to the present moment, feeling connection with the infinite Divine.


This Energy is a meditation on the Om sound.  Om is the sound of the universe.  It is harmony and the ultimate peace.  Sit with it a while and feel the frequency/sound change as it moves through the being from the base chakra until it is felt above the crown chakra.  Among its other attributes, this Energy is also very grounding, for individuals who are avoiding being truly incarnated.

Maha Mantra

This term Maha Mantra has been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices, also meaning, “Great Mantra” referring it to the Greatest of all Mantras.  This Energy is inspired by sacred sounds that are very ‘grounding’ and can be used as a meditation tool.  May also be useful in general states of ‘ungroundedness’ by assisting full incarnation as the gross-vital form; from the centre of the earth out to the farthest stars.

Ring Around Reflection
Scepticism, doubt and raking through the ‘mind’ can hinder our True functioning, when caught in the pattern of endlessly mulling over the apparently ‘serious’ aspects of life, unable to locate the humour that is real existence.  This Energy is about releasing the unfolding from the usual contractions.  We only function truly in a relaxed condition.


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