Iron Heart Collection



Product Description

With this Collection we are invited to real Feeling, allowing our feeling Heart to be nourished by love. It is necessary for us to awaken the ‘feeling centre’ in order to allow ourselves to be love itself. Love is the food of the Heart.

The Iron Heart Collection includes:

1 Disc: Iron Heart

1 Wand: Primary Heart Energy


Iron Heart

Iron Heart moves to open the Heart as a ‘feeling centre’, inviting the remote arrogant head to fall into this heart-consciousness.  When this feeling centre is open, it is felt to be a vulnerable position and we may quickly close it again to protect ourwelves.  What are we moving to protect?  Some image of self that doesn’t exist.  There can be no protection where we have become love.

Iron Heart, my Iron Heart.

I am the Love you find in thee –

come embrace Me there.

Primary Heart Energy

“Love is the food of the Heart”.  So much bombards the heart in this world, we need to nourish it with Primary Heart Energy so that we can always bring energy and love to nourish the Hearts around us.  Real nourishment is this energy we bring to one another.

(This energy also comes in the form of pendant.)

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