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With this Collection we are invited to discover our appropriate relationship to food, and have gratitude for the food that nourishes us. Also, the Alchymeic intention of the wands in the collection blesses and lifts the vibration of food and drink.

The Food Blessing Collection includes

5 Discs: Agent Orange, Gravity Buster, Lemonade Springs, Manna, Wellspring

3 Wands: Angel’s Kiss, Drink To Me Only, Shake It Shake It

(The Wands are given to use with food and/or drink by tapping the side of the glass or the plate or container that the food is in, lifting the actual energy of the food.)


Agent Orange

There is a shadow form that is attracted to the disgusting levels of indulgence that amounts to the daily swill that goes down the throat of humanity.  If, for a moment, we see humanity as one body and therefore having one gullet; we see the vast and incredible profusion of material ingested that cannot be considered nourishment.  This shadow form is an intrusion into the navel area.  There is an enormous level of degradation in the grumbling guts of humanity.  A vast pain and wounded-ness has bee inflicted upon these lower regions.  This broken belly attracts all manner of dark lower astral intrusions.

It is crucial to restore the navel area in order to establish a stability which allows growth to the functional levels of being that lie above navel.  Pursued to some level of resolution; this can lead on into real spiritual life, which depends upon power in the navel for conductivity of the life-force.  Our conscious relationship to food is paramount.  The navel chakra is a ‘battery’ and it needs to remain full with energy.

Gravity Buster

A lot of us have trouble with gravity, so we need to bust the gravity to create levity by allowing this baggage literally to fall off the being so we can ‘trip the light fantastic’.  Clearing and pushing out density allows a much lighter bodily condition and more free energy.  As the gravity of our accumulated mortal seriousness is lifted, what is left is Happiness, which radiates through as the entire form.

Lemonade Springs

We characterise the good qualities of life, if we know any, with the sugar epither “Life is sweet”.  Life is sweet when we experience many aspects of our life as being in balance.  For most however, sweetness is scarcely ever in balance, being either in excess or depletion.  The Energy of Lemondade Springs is a true sweetness that can bring peace to the troubled stream.


“…Manna…manna…manna is good enough for me…”  Manna is the food that fell from heaven to nourish the ancient wanderers of the Old Testament;  This manna is a gracious gift of Divine nourishment to all those that wander helplessly and hopelessly in the realm of the ‘hungry ghost’.  In this realm, many things appear to be edible, yet when we partake of them, they are not only not nourishing but are typically poisonous.

Since all of us inhabit this terrible unsatisfying place we are all starving for real nourishment and many of us are at the end of our tether.  “…Manna is good enough for me…”


Like a perpetual mountain spring, which arises pure, fresh and perhaps from million year old rains, the ‘wellspring of life’ also arises eternally.  This is the place sought in myths and legends, the true quencher of thirst and replenisher of the impulse toward life.  In this realm of the ‘hungry ghost’, this Energy moves to restore the true quenching of what we truly thirst for.

Angel’s Kiss

Angels’s Kiss sweetly and delightfully blesses food or drink.  Tapping the plate of food with Angel’s Kiss we can clear from the food the psychic intrusion of aspects such as, the cook’s mood from the food, the machinery that may have been used introducing the food and any of the crowd involved in bringing this food to your table.  Angel’s Kiss spiritualises the food without leaving negative residue.

Drink To Me Only

This Energy is about lifting our attention above the brow, where we are turned to the celebration of love and not seeking some form of escape in intoxication.  If our attention is enforced concentration below the row, we live what we might call, the low life.

Try tapping this wand to your wine or champagne!

Drink to me only with thine eyes.

A toast to Love.

Absorbed in God through each other as God recognition.

Therefore, the only intimacy is with God,

since God is the only one who exists.

Drink to Me Only –

It’s delightful to be in Love in this way.

Shake It Shake It

Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that cow’s milk may not be good to drink.  It’s good for calves, but not for people.  Shake It Shake It anyway you make it, transforming the lifting the vibratory current.

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