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This Collection assists us in bringing real ‘heart’ and consciousness in our relationship to children. In shifting one’s consciousness, it brings them a greater intelligence, supporting them in learning, as well as helping to hold their attention. However, its use is not limited to children – we all have had a childhood and so would help us in the release of childhood limitations, as well as helping us in holding children consciously.

The Children Collection includes

3 Discs: In Country Sleep, Katzenjammer Kaos, Whizz Kid

3 Wands: Deep Peace, Leonardo, RR Elixir


In Country Sleep

Most of us these days have the innocence of childhood stolen from us, one way or another, through traumatic interactions with the adults around us, or later through the media ooze of magazines, television, books and music with which we are invited to participate.  Perhaps at sometime in the past, some of us as children enjoyed more freedom from the heartless violent world of adults and therefore we could have been said to live truly in the halcyon days of our youth lasting into adolescence.  These days, as soon as we have language comprehension to any degree, the stealing of our innocence for most of us begins.


Katzenjammer Kaos

Some families, perhaps most, manage to present a ‘reasonable’ social face, yet often we do not have to look far for signs of the underlying pain.  This Energy moves to open the way for all family members to create a new and ‘Real relationship’ to each other beyond the chaos and fearful conventional rituals they tend to enact in unconsciousness.  Creating peace and intimacy within the family nucleus beyond the Katzenjammer Kaos.


Whizz Kid

Children are often affected by the attitudes and moods of the adults around them.  As children, they have no power to prevent negative influences, they are simply modified by them until they develop ‘Will and Intention’ in adolescence.

The only ‘mind’ that the pre-pubescent child has is, quite simply, the structured or unstructured day they are presented with.   If structured in intimacy the child enjoys a peacefulness free of erratic confusion.  If unstructured (controlled by TV or  other such chaos) the child reflects that mind with sadness and/or disruptive disregard of others as a reaction to the lack of felt intimacy.

Adults may be moved in their feeling to create Real Intimacy with children and not the usual superficiality that children are in reaction to.  Adults need to be reminded of their sacred duty toward children.  There is nothing protecting children in this world except our Heartfelt vigilant Consciousness and our Heartfelt unbroken feeling connection.


Deep Peace

An old Celtic Prayer for a loved one.  “Deep peace of the quiet world to you … deep peace of the eastern wind to you…”  This current can bring a strong sense of deep peace.  May be used with the living and the dying, helping in their passing over.



Da Vinci has long been the epitome of the development of functional intelligence.  In naming this Energy after him, we are associating this Energy with the awakening of the enthusiasm for learning and its process.  There is also an inspiration to see that functional intelligence must serve the true significance of human existence, which is transcendence.


R R Elixir

Life is full of shocks and surprises

Twists and turns

Battles and bruises

Ah…to remedy the situation

For the unexpecting adventurer

An Elixir to the rescue


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