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This Collection is designed to inspire true consciousness in our relationship to abundance. As our capacity to invite more lifeforce into our lives is strengthened, we may see this begin to reflect outwards in signs of ‘True Abundance’.

The Abundance Collection includes:

3 Discs: Scare City, Wildfire Spins The Gold, Catching Up with The Myth Makers

3 Wands:  Money Tree, Quantum Manifestation, Quantum Utility Fog


Scare City

A spin-off of the oedipal conflict is the intense development of the ‘economics of scarcity’.  The theme song of the hungry ghost is: “What about me, where’s mine?”  It is this very meditation of getting enough for the self that depletes the flow of life and makes deserts where once great revers flowed.  The poverty, the dryness of the angular sub-human meditation on self brings an outcome of poison and scarcity, just like the psyche of the wailing hungry oedipal ghost.  Abundance is the sign of the human, which is sacrifice beyond self into the infinite.  Such a one sees that for the born being there are no rights, only gifts; the blessedness of the Divine.


Catching Up with the Myth Makers

The treadmill existence: more, greater, newer, now.. Playing our parts, when to live, what to feel, why to think…

“Ignore those beings behind the curtain!”  End the game.  Wake up!  Look behind the veil and see who’s pulling the strings.  Be liberated from the myth.


Wildfire Spins The Gold

This is a metaphor for rapid growth and that rapid growth in economic terms is the profit we obtain from our activity.  It is just a metaphor for success.  The more of the more of.  “Bring it on!”


Money Tree

Worrying about anything is not helpful.  The disposition of worrying is a meditation on a negative condition, tending therefore to bring about the negative condition.  What is this money that we are worried about?  Clearly it’s not money or it wouldn’t be a worry.  It’s the absence of money that is the worry.  Money itself is a symbol of life exchange, i.e. exchange of ‘life energy.  If there is not sufficient to go around it is largely because we are not ‘conducting’ the life-force and so we represent a poverty of ‘energy’ that is reflected in our ‘broken piggy bank’.

The Money Tree moves to dissolve our negative disposition wherein we are simply complaining about our dreadful situation and begins to help us ‘count our blessings’ and in so doing dissolving this disposition that has created our negative circumstance.


Quantum Manifestation

Contemplate in the minds eye vision of what it is we wish to create.

Allow this energy to purify your heart and mind.

Manifestation with a pure heart and pure intention.


Quantum Utility Fog

Actualisation.  Allowing the vision in the subtle to come through and ground – feel it, know it, make it tangible.

The fog is a ubiquitous nano-machinery that can take the form of anything.  With little encouragement and contemplation, you may be able to manifest anything at all.

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