Financial Counselling Service







Our Financial Counselling service provides:

• FREE Financial Counselling from an accredited Financial Counsellor

(NB – accredited Financial Counsellors receive ongoing training and supervision)


We offer a financial counselling service in:

Ballina and Lismore


Who is eligible to access our Financial Counselling service?

Anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties can access our service.


How to access our Financial Counselling service:

The service is available by appointment only. Please call our Grafton office on 02 6643 4844 to make an appointment.


What is financial counselling?

Financial Counsellors provide a free service for people having money problems, in particular debts.

Financial Counsellors don’t tell you what to do but they do help you identify the options available.

Financial Counsellors can offer support when you decide what to do.

Financial Counsellors help you understand what will happen once you’ve made your decision

Financial counsellors act independently and without conflict of interest as they don’t receive money from any financial institutions.


Financial counsellors do provide information on…

• Your rights regarding debt and debt collection
• Assessing your financial situation and your options
• How to talk to your creditors
• Bankruptcy
• Credit laws and practices

Financial Counsellors do not ….

• Give information on investments
• Recommend sources of credit
• Do Tax Returns
• Help you to get extra credit
• Give out charitable assistance
• Tell you what to do
This service is funded by Department of Social Services.